What was your BEST part in this movie?

United Arab Emirates
February 20, 2007 3:59am CST
Mine was when he was playing a song for his wife. And they were distance apart. Twas like the music was their ONLY language then.
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@punsat (1)
• India
18 Apr 07
the scene where roberto benigni translates german into french is the best
@kiwibee (240)
• New Zealand
28 Apr 07
I loved the whole movie, for sure, and felt whirling emotions all through it. But the part that made me cry was at the very end, when you realised that the whole thing was being related by the son, about what he'd gone through and what a hero his father was. I believe it WAS based on fact, right?
@goje87 (23)
• India
5 Apr 07
every part of the movie was good....i liked the movie on a whole...its really difficult to say which is the best of all scenes...well hardly i can say that the scene in jail where he translates the german dialogues to english creating an impression on his son as if the german general was explaining the rules of the game... other scenes of the movie are equally great...
• United States
28 Aug 07
This is my favorite part too. Along with the part when he plays the music for his wife. This movie truly portrays love on all levels better than any other.
@bikdas (17)
• India
23 Jun 07
every part of this film is best....one of the all time great movies
• India
31 Mar 07
i have so many BEST parts from this movie.its hard to select one! ya i agree the scene where he's playing the gramaphone for his wife is indeed extremely touching...apart from that the scene where she meets him under the table and asks him to take her away from the suffocating grasp of her fiance is extremely funny, yet curiously enduring....and ofcourse the way she falls into his lap for the 1st time..just like a present from heaven is my favourite part too...and also the part where the son comes out of the hiding place and finds his 'promised' tank arriving...gosh i cud just go on and on and on about "life is beautiful"
@kponniah (203)
• Singapore
12 Mar 07
how the father safeguard his son from trouble in the prison by saying stories...