How many posts per day?

February 20, 2007 4:59am CST
How many posts do you write per day? I'm trying to increase my post numbers (I'm on holidays so it's easier), but it's hard for me to post more than 25.
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• France
2 Mar 07
I only post zero message per day... myLot become boring easily.
• Indonesia
28 Feb 07
lol Tell me about it _fanny_. I once tried to post for the whole day, and the next day, for all I know I got sick! hahaha.. It's just the concentrating, and typing, and all those stuff to think, got to me. So, I can understand what you are saying. Normally I tried to type as much as I could but these days, I try to be a little bit moderate. For our health is more important than our brain get stimulated.
@cultoffury (1283)
• India
20 Feb 07
I used to write around 100-120 posts a day and earn more than 2$. But now my classes have resumed and I can't find time to post many. I can hardly squeeze in 20 posts a day. I thought I would earn more than 30-50$ this month. Now, I think I can do maximum 20$.
• India
20 Feb 07
I prefer to posts 40-50 responses comments etc daily having 4 to 5 lines in length at least. I avoid such topics about which I do not know much, may be of my friends also. Sometimes I pick up topics from new discussion, recent discussions.
@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
20 Feb 07
I am a housewife and with my household duties, outside marketing and other errands, I am hardly able to post 8 posts a day. I sincerely want to increase the no at least to 20.