Are step parents more concerned about the children´s education?

February 20, 2007 6:04am CST
One of my friends just told me that a teacher she knows noticed that the majority of the parents showing up at the meetings were step parents. I know there is a very high divorce rate and all, but I find it wierd anyway that at least not one of the child's parent can be present!
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20 Feb 07
As a parent I would say that i don't think anyone could be more interested in my children's education than me. I am always talking to teachers about what to do, and I work with them at home and am always pushing them to do more and better work. I think perhaps it is the same for most kids in my daughters school. Quite a few are from split families but their mums and dads tend to be the ones dropping them off and talking to the teachers.
20 Feb 07
As a single parent, I have to say that, as difficult as it may be to be present at all important meetings/occasions in my daughters life, i am always there. I think maybe your teacher friend just knows quite a lot of step-parents, but, I am sure that's not always the case; natural parents care; I certainly do!