how can you manage your anger...

February 20, 2007 6:34am CST
how can you manage your anger even if your in a public situation.i have been experiencing this kind of situation just a month ago. and too bad it's very shaming for me coz a lot of people are looking at us. to think were in the main entrance on a sort hotel somewhere in mindanao area. hmmmmmm... very shaming but somehow i still manage to stay come. what about you...
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• Ukraine
20 Feb 07
The best way to manage your anger is to use the old 'golden rule'. Deal with others the way you want to be dealt with yourself. I don't know better anger management ways. You need to put yourself into your partner's shoes when you are yelling at him. Just imagine how he feels when you're yelling at him and you see. In fact, you don't have to manage your anger as it is a natural emotion. You need to manage yourself. You don't respect yourself enough. If you respected yourself you'd never act so disgracefully. Try to understand that showing you anger is not respecting yourself. Hope it helps
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
i will take your advice. im sure it will help a lot on me