Call center

February 20, 2007 7:36am CST
is there anyone here works in a call center?i want to try out working there but don't have any idea about it of how can i pass the interview or the call simulation perhaps..i don't have any sales experience but i heard that they also hire customer care or technical support agents..please give me advice,i don't have a job as of this moment because i made my resignation from my previous job.
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@jbrent21 (36)
• Philippines
20 Apr 07
A simple tip when you go for a Call Center Interview. Have Confidence. As long as your confident with yourself you will be able to deliver a good self presentation in good english. The most common questions that they would be asking you during the initial interview is Why the Call Center Industry and some Questions that will determine how you express yourself in straight english such questions are Why is the Sky Blue or How will you sell a fridge to an Eskimo.... Just be confident and i tell you everything will follow dont be tensed or be nervous just speak up when the question arise. An believe me this confidence will help you pass Phone Simulation. There are two types of Call Center service we have the Inbound Campaign wherein agents receive calls from customer and as an Agent your task is to resolve the Customers Inquiry in a an upbeat and professional manner just Smile even if your customer is Irrate and Speaks Bad of you. As for Outbound Campaign, Agents do make Calls to customer and do surveys, sales etc. depending on what the clients want. Good Luck!
@nicagose (70)
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
Hi, I'm also from Philippines. I've worked in a call center before. Mostly, jobs will depend on the account you will be handling. You can be an outbound or inbound support. You are right, you may handle sales, customer support, tech support, billing, etc. You need to prepare yourself to work on a graveyard shift. Just be yourself during interviews. Exams are mostly about IQs, but it varies from one company to another.