if u were the president or prime minister!!!!

February 20, 2007 9:33am CST
If you were made the prime minister or president of your country what were first 5 things you would do to make it a better place to live in.....first and foremost thing I like to eradicate would be corruption , and would suspend or dismiss all people who are involved in it.....
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• United States
20 Feb 07
If I become the President/Prime Minister of my country than first thing that I will make better will be the Judiciary system of the country. BEside the Judiciary system the Police systen will also be made much better. These two department are the backbone of peaceful society and successful government.Betterment in these two most important department will help to satisfy the public and establish the social welfare state.
@acquaria (719)
• Italy
20 Feb 07
These are the 5 things that I would to do : 1) change the law of retirement and job contracts 2) change the politicans and reduce a lot their salaries 3) change the health structure 4) invest in the research the money used for the wars,so wars are stopped 5) create more strict laws for the cooruption,the sexuals assault and other crimes...
• India
20 Feb 07
if i becomes PM or PRESIDENT than i will do this five things first 1.I will Remove corruption and i will suspend everyman which is envoled in it. 2.I will make some rules for controling the population. 3.I will give jobs to young people and retires to older people. 4.their is need to make some strikt riles for Crime i will likes to make it. 5.i will goes to small towns and cities & likes to meet some poor people to help them. 6.I will make some complaint boxes which will be putted every where in the country and it will be under me through which i can get complaints