When people stare...

United States
February 20, 2007 11:12am CST
I was at school today in a computer lab. Maybe it's just me but I cannot stand when people stare. I wanted to blow my nose but could not because this guy right across from was staring at me the ENTIRE time! I even looked strait at him! He still did not turn away! I looked around me thinking he was looking at someone else and STILL NOTHING! I hate when people stare at me! Do I have something on my face? TELL ME! Do you stare at people? Why? Why do people stare? If you were caught staring would you NOT turn away?
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@mr_nerd (129)
• India
20 Feb 07
hi mherrera according to me you shouldnt care if some xyz stares at you. There might be people who look at you because you are beautiful or there might be some people are crazy. Its quite natural to stare the beauty but its bad if it continues and if it the opposite person doesnt like it. My only suggestion will be just show don't care attitude towards this guy.