Are you a Online Casino Junkie?????

Online casions - Alot of people are getting addicted to online casions and going into major debt. I don't see how people can allow this to happen with all the identiy theft going on today.
@na2482 (423)
United States
February 20, 2007 1:29pm CST
I know several people that are hooked on internet casinos. I met a few people that are even in serious debt behind casinos on line. Have you ever played at a internet casino? Which one do you perfer?I saw a tv show last night about this married couple, the wife was borrowing money, stealing from her checking account without her husband knowing, she even took a inhertance out. She spent 16hours a day, playing internet casinos. I've never been a big gambler. Not only was she in debt for 50,000 once she stopped and started getting help she noticed on her bank statements that money was still being taken out of her account. All of her information was floating around.
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