12tribes women/girls mission

United States
February 20, 2007 1:42pm CST
Hello, I am Rev. Ellis Outlaw, being pastor and overseer of 12tribes has being a pastor's and churches dream. Yet, however revealing and eventually rewarding, I have had to cross many stumbling blocks and stones, however adventures. I do not profess to be the head or chief cornerstone, nor the keeper of the doors, nor do I say that I am the good shepard. But, I am claiming to be the Christ helper. Revelation 22:16/Says Jesus sent have senthis angel to testify unto the churches. Jesus Christ is the Root and He is the Offspring of David. Jesus Christ is the bright and He is the morning star. `I shouldn't say that 12tribes is a new church getting started, since this is the same church that left Egypt, under the leadership of Moses. This is the same church that has being scatter worldwide. This is the same church that John the baptist, crying in the wilderness began to call out of darkness. John the baptist preparing the way for the Saviour, the master of our universal world. 12tribes, you are wherever and whomever you may be, you are the good shepard sheeps. You are the ones that God so love this world, that He gave His only begotten Son. The Son that was crucified and raised from the dead. The Son of the resurrection and the life, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ He is the resurrection and He is the life and the light of the world. He is the King of glory and power which left heaven to find a lost nation of people, the 12tribes and the world. The 12tribes and the churches in this earth was first call christian at Antioch. `As I am oveerseer, 12tribes appeals to women and girls worldwide to help build this church nation and make this earth a better place to be. You will be helping the church from earth to heaven. From Jerusalem of Israel, this earth headquater, to New Jerusalem, the Tabernacle in the sun, the world new headquater. You are invited and I extend my welcome and hope for your comments.
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