Britney Spears

@Rahleah (187)
United States
February 20, 2007 2:13pm CST
I don't think the fact that Britney Spears is out of control is anything really new, and I am just astounded by all the people who are just now acting surprised. Those who watched her reality show or have seen the "out of it" videos on YouTube have no doubt. But there were signs a long time ago. This plaster has had tiny hairline cracks all across it for so long, but now folks are staring at her bare head and scratching their heads and saying, "Hummmm. Wonder why the ceiling fell in?" It's almost criminal that no one has taken her children for safekeeping yet. Yesterday, when a question about her came up, I went a song list of hers and checked out the lyrics of some songs on her albums that never made hits. So, while they may be obscure, the fact that she wrote them and/or decided to include them on her albums (at a time when she was profesing to be taking over more and more control of her career and her personal decisions,) seems out of synch. In particular I look at the words to two songs that make me think there's something perversely wrong with her or what she has experienced. One was "Lick My Baby Back Behind" and the other is "Where is My Baby?" Shades of incest, youthful molestation, violent rape, etc. Who wants to record a song about this? Who wants to sing along? I am worried about her, as a person. But I am even more worried about her children. Who has them? What are they being told? What will they be told when they are a bit older? Although my kids are older now, if they were still young enough to be listening to her music, I would certainly make it my business to sit down and review all the lyrics in the songs recorded by the person they looked up to ... even the ones that weren't hits. There is some strange pathology going on here. I sure would not have wanted my kids thinking about these types of things at a young age.
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