Computing skills, More than you think?

@Karbon (18)
February 20, 2007 2:29pm CST
Take a look around you? What do you see? Technology. By far the most powerful of them are computers. Computers, like any other machine require a user (unless your running a botnet) But initially, they need a human to operate. Put a man infront of a computer and he may browse. Put an intelligent man infront of a computer and he may study. Put an obsessive man infront of a computer and he may become a geek. But if you put a power craving man infront of a computer, he may exploit. Exploiting, for short, a term for hacking, with a computer INFRONT of you (mostly). This growing technology (amongst the most, Wi-Fi) is at a peak of growth. Its forever expanding. I'd like you to remember my quote, featured on my profile, not to seed a sense of paranoia but more of a sense of safety. "For every security, there is a security flaw". Hackers will exploit these flaws and may use them to their disadvantage. Off of the prologue to my question now, and on to a more detailed description before asking the Question. Wireless internet, its being used more often, and its EASILY hi-jackable. So easy infact, that you can almost walk RIGHT in. So what do they do? STICK IT ON OUR BLOODY PHONES! Thats right, before securing computers more, they stick them on another large medium of personal info. In a few months, wireless hackers will be able to tap into wireless phones and listen into calls, imagine the power that is brought to the hacker with that. Where does it stop? Security cameras, Inside shops, around the town, monitoring everything. Wireless isnt commonly used in security camera's, but the frequency they are used on is easily channelable. There is thousands of security channels, and amongst all are mostly easy to find. So not only can a hacker Break into your computer, Listen and even RECORD your phonecalls, he can also Watch/RECORD you whilst making that phonecall (doing your everyday work). Where will the technology stop before this becomes far too dangerous? It cant. As long as technology increases, the amount of tools and the quality of tools grow on a parallel. Im not saying that we will all be able to hack into military documents or the likes, but most likely obtain a large amount of information about a target in under one week, credit cards, the lot. And the best feature about good hackers? They do it so well as not to get caught. What is your view on this? Wireless hacking, enabling you to access such information? Do you feel safe? Are enough measures being taken to prevent this? Also I would love to hear what you thought about my first blog, I'll be updating it regularly mainly on the field of computing (I hope).
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20 Feb 07
You know what you are talking about!!