Football Talent vs Hardwork

February 20, 2007 5:25pm CST
Im dreaming to be a football star when i was 17 years old but somehow my talent didn't notice by state and my national coach. But i still continue to play football until now, from my observation all national player especially youth team was superb sadly when this player reach on the senior team they flop a lot. Maybe because of injury or lack of traning.Including my friend cases, he got into national youth team but now im better than him. When we were 17 years old there is a huge gab between me and him but now he accept that im better than him. Which one is important Talent or Hardword?, in this case we might reffered to brazillian and english players. From my perception i think stevan gerrard work a lot on his technique and movement different from ronaldinho which he obtain a fantastic skill and talents. Anyone might give comments?
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