Migraine Help

@Michele21 (3094)
United States
February 20, 2007 9:27pm CST
I get terrible migrains and have had them since High School, but every time I go to the doctors they just blow it off and don't offer any help. What do you do when you get a terrible one? I use Excedrin Migarine adn it is the only thing that helps me. I would like to go back to the doctor to get a prescription because they are unbearable and I have two small kids that I can't hardly take care of when I get them. What should I say to the doctor so they will understand the pain that I get? I get sick to my stomach and throw-up sometimes also.
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• Oman
22 Feb 07
I have the same problem. I get them atleast twice a month and if i dont take anything for them, by the end of the day im throwing-up. But I start to feel a little better after i throw up. If you have medicine for migraines you should take them as soon as it starts because migraines affect your digestion. After a while the tablet wont be digested and so it wont help. Generally those of us who get migraines have learned to recognize it as soon as it starts. Thats the time you should take the medication. It also helps if you lie in a dark room for a while because atleast for me, when i have a migraine I become very sensitive to light and smell. A friend of mine who used to regularly suffer from migraines told me that she started having primrose oil capsules everyday and now she doesnt suffer from them anymore. Im going to try that out. I get a tablet from India called migranil. Im sure if you just check at the pharmacy instead of your doctor they will be able to tell you what tablets you can take. I just asked the pharmacist and he told me to take these tablets.
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@dopey22girl (3324)
• United States
21 Feb 07
I never get bad migraines, just bad headaches. And then I take two ibu-profen and it's gone within an hour or so. As far as yours...they sound really bad if you are throwing up sometimes! My friend had that, and the doctors never blew her off. I think that is horrible what they are doing to you. If I were you, I would go to a different hospital because the doctor's at the one you're going to don't sound good at all! You don't have to travel far...maybe just to a different city. But something should definitely be done!!!
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@toonatoons (3739)
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
how often do you get migraines, michele? once a month, specifically before or after your period? in that case, your migraine may just be PMS. whenever i get migraines, coffee works best for me. if possible, i don't drink medicines at all.