Self Respect and Ego

Ego - what is ego?
February 20, 2007 9:28pm CST
Dear friends, here i m firing some questions to know more about it. hope all of you will contribute to it. What is self respect: Is it something, u expect some respect and you don't get that or you are expected to have some respect and do not have the same. What is ego: whether someone doesn't want to talk to you because that it is beneath their dignity Can you please clarify the above terminologies?Thanks!!
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• United States
21 Feb 07
i would have to say that self respect is a standard that hopefully u set and not let the majority make for u, and when something is presented u have an opinion if u do or dont want to do it. an ego is something that u eat for breakfast didnt u know that LOL... ok an ego is when u think that u know it all in an area and u think that u ARE the best, so when someone tries to tell u that your wrong u wont listen and just fight back.