The mind boggles

February 20, 2007 9:53pm CST
Im watching Oprah, its an old episode, and my mind is reeling! On the 20th of Jan 2006, a man killed his 5 yr old twin daughters. He had been suffering from depression, which his family knew but he neglected to tell them that he had been hearing voices which were telling him to kill his wife and children. He stabbed both girls to death, and rang 911. He is serving 2 life sentances for his crime. Oprah is doing her story about it, and is interviewing his wife. The wife is saying that she still loves him, is still married to him and consideres him her husband still and forgives him for what he did. Now all I can say is WHAT THE? I dont understand how she forgave him for what he did. He took the lives of two innocent children, and she said "Oh, it wasnt him, it was his depression doing it"... If I came home and found that my husband had killed my babies, I wouldnt care if his depression, the Devil or God told him to do it, I wouldnt be able to forgive him. It would break my heart! What do you guys think? Could you forgive something like that?
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21 Feb 07
I watched that episode and it made me MAD..Spitting fire, yell at the television, grrr with hisses of infuritation mad. I would not be able to "forgive". The man didnt' convince me of anything - he did something awful. He tried many times to do these awful things, so I think the wife "forgives" him because she knows she's just as guilty for letting it happen. I know that I would never be able to forgive someone who hurt my child. If it was my husband, he wouldn't be alive long enough to give me the depression speech..