Conjoined Twins

@em1040 (160)
February 20, 2007 10:57pm CST
i was watching the Tyra Banks show and she featured conjoined twins. there was a mom and her twins who were attached on their side, they have only 2 legs, and it was said that it was impossible for them to be separated. and the other guest was a mom with her babies who were attached on the their heads both girls. they were quite cute. and then Tyra asked the mom of the babies if somebody was harsh or rude to them. and the mom said that in her community everybody was very kind to them but some people actually send them letters that her babies was the deed of evil, freak of nature and they should die. there have been some surgeon who operates very good and separated some conjoined twins. do they have no right to live and be happy? what kind of people are they that they want them dead?
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5 Mar 07
For some reason conjoined twins have always interested me. I've seen and learned about many different cases. I have to agree that they deserve to live a happy life and oddly enough their "disability" is often no big deal to them because it's been their way of life since day one. For those that cannot medically be separated, while their life may often be short lived in comparison to "normal" children, it seems they somehow find happiness together. Very neat. I'm not sure what kind of sick person would be compelled to write a note to a family with conjoined twins and say anything bad. It's sad that they get their thrills this way. If they would use their energy, time and effort to do good perhaps they'd be happier themselves.