Why are women so afraid to compliment another women.??

United States
February 20, 2007 11:23pm CST
I do promotional modeling and in one of my first classes, I was asked "who is the hardest person to get a compliment from? the answer was another girl. I never guessed that because I give compliments to others without a second thought. I actually enjoy making other people feel good about themselves, ecspecially if you can tell they really NEED a cofidence booster. I guess I feel confident enough with who I am that I dont need to be complimented. I hate arrogant people though and cant bring myself to compliment someone who runs around telling me how pretty they are.. ugh. I was just wondering why women are like this? Does it make you feel uglier to tell someone else she is pretty, or has nice hair or eyes? Do you feel like it takes something away from you to pay a compliment???
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@dazediva (166)
21 Feb 07
I am a confident person who is sure of myself that I don't need to be complimented to feel good about myself. I will give out compliments to someone without a second thought because when I do - they are genuine. I find that if a woman has self-confidence and is comfortable with herself it is easier for them to accept and give out compliments. However there are times you come across woman who when receiving a compliment from another woman who they consider 'average' they 1) graciously accept the compliment and 2) have a gossip about how the compliment couldn't be more accurate and how the other woman was possibly 'jealous' These are the women who appear to be confident however are lacking personal self confidence - and it is their insecurities coming out in the gossip session. I believe that if you can make someone feel better or feel good about themselves by giving a compliment then you should do it - if your intention is genuine. Good karma comes back in threefold - and its no crime to be nice :)
@merkava (1225)
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
I think it's because they have an invisible barrier between them and most women say one thing which has 2 different meanings. One may compliment the other about how nice her clothes are but the one being complimented will always see something negative in the back of her mind like "is she insulting me by being nice?" Women are a whole lot better at giving mixed signals than men.
@tammyr (5955)
• Etowah, Tennessee
21 Feb 07
I do not have a problem with giving compliments and try to do so often. If all I lose to make another feel even a little better is a breathe or two of air and a smile, how can I refuse?
@Patswords (189)
• United States
21 Feb 07
I think it is all a matter of self confidence, liking yourself and being comfortable with yourself. I have always given out sincere compliments to both women and men and never really realized that other women had that much of a problem with giving compliments. What really irks me though is to see anyone giving phoney compliments to just butter up to someone.