computer problem

February 20, 2007 11:24pm CST
I have a problem with my computer, when ever I am trying to install any software the computer restarts it self can i rectify this problem with my own or should i call an hardware engg.
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@james2kk (36)
• Brunei Darussalam
22 Feb 07
pc restarting can be cause by some hardware problems. 1. there's maybe your system is overheating because of either your processor or fan problem. 2. faulty ram can cause the pc from restarting itself when you install some program that need more resources from your system. 3. just simple windows corruption. for the above problem can be solve. 1. you can check from getting to your CMOS system by pressing F2/DEL to enter a CMOS configuration and go to the power management and check the processor temp for a few minutes. 2. faulty ram, you have to download some ram checking program to check out. or the other way is to remove one of the ram attach to your motherboard. to test, by remove one of it and turn on your pc wait for it to enter windows/mac and install the program you want to install. if restarting again, then try another. if you have only one ram inside your pc, then the only choice to test is to download a ram checker program. 3. just simple reprogram everything.
@hafiz74 (268)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 07
yup, you should format your had disk. Then run anti virus before you install your windows.
@jimlyn_ah (101)
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
try reformatting your computer or running an anti-virus to check for any viruses. if these do not work call a computer technician who is knowledeable with computers. Good luck with your pc problem. I know PC problems can really be a pain so I hope you solve it soon.