MyLot or DormCheck

February 20, 2007 11:38pm CST
Wondering which is better? Why not ask a guy who tried both? When I first got into this pay per post stuff, I decided to join MyLot. I thought that they looked the best and it seemed that they paid good too. Then after being on Mylot for almost a week, I ran into DormCheck. Now, I already invested my time into MyLot. I was up to 64 posts and made a whopping $0.72. Not too bad, about $0.0113 per post. I was posting quality, mind you. Not, "Yes", "No", and "I don't know". I was putting my heart and soul into this. So, for some reason, I decide to join DormCheck just to see what it was about. I notice that it is very similar to MyLot in appearance, but Mylot looks more.... user friendly. Anyhow, I see that they pay $0.01 per post. That's about the same. But then, I started to see the advantage of DormCheck. They have more ways of making easy money than just posting... *Simply logging in. *They give you paid to click ads right at the start. *They have a banner exchange where you can get more traffic to your blog/website, totally free. *They have grab bags that you can buy for $2 and they have stuff in them that is definitely worth more than the price. (free referrals, banner impression, paid to click ads, money, etc.) *And they have a google search bar that you can use and make money off it. Just for typing something and hitting enter! *The ability to buy referrals for $0.50 ea. The way this works, is the next person who logs in without a referral is given to you. The absolute best feature that DormCheck has is it instantly tells you your earnings. You make a post and there it is. You can instantly see what you made. So to sum things up... On MyLot, I made $0.72 in almost a week, with 64 post, and no referrals. On DormCheck, I'm up to $2.20 in 3 days, with 27 posts, and 30 referrals. I won 5 referrals, and bought 25. Yeah, now you are going to say, "Well if you bought 25 referrals you are $12.50 in the hole." You're right, but you know what I can refresh the page every couple minutes and watch my earnings go up, without doing anything. It will eventually pay for it's self. But still I prefer Mylot because mylot is genuine!!!!
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@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 07
To me for sure my top choice will be still mylot...I got many good friends here, I can easily found a really good and interesting discussions topics here, I like the peoples here...very friendly and helpful and many many reasons more. As for domcheck I do see how easy it was to make your earnings there compare to mylot but few thing need to be take into considerations if you really wish to make a good and fair comparisons for these two paid forums. 1, mylot had proved to many of us here that they did paid as per their promised without fail since August 2006 while domcheck still got no prove of their payments yet. 2, Most of the users at mylot make lots of friends and did that the same in domcheck? At mylot we were mostly in discussions which will further generates a responses for our topics and the interactions will created, at domcheck can we have the same interactions? they seem to be more on purely earnings which were more similar to "Duno" hit and run style. Those were few things that make me thing mylot still mylot and domcheck still way to compare!