Is there any prove that Ghost exist?

February 21, 2007 1:40am CST
Do they really exist? Had you ever see them? When and where do you see them? Do you have any prove that ghost really exist?
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@krusty1 (68)
21 Feb 07
i think everyone would love to know this for sure, but unfortunately there are so many people creating fake phots and making up stories its hard to know whos tellin the truth. also so many people want to believe there is something so if they see something, a ghost would be their first thought and then they cant b convinced otherwise! i guess you need to experience something for yourself and really think of any explanation before jumpin to the conclusion that its a ghost. iv jus posted my experience and im really not sure if there is an explanation or not. give it a read and see wot you think. xx
@gehaste (342)
• Romania
21 Feb 07
i don't belive in ghosts and probably i'll never will belive.I guess some will say now that they saw on tv a thing..i saw many of them but...i just can't belive