It honed me.

@Riciel (24)
February 21, 2007 2:02am CST
When I have my OJT in a certain Freight Forwarder Company I handle a lot of task there like updating an ingoing or outgoing shipment. Calling our agents, our clients, the shipping lines or airlines to get, give and update our shipments' or cargos' status. Not only that, I done a lot of Progress Reports for our clients, checking emails, filing, encoding everytime the status change. Coordinating to our company departments and all that, inventories, making and taking calls. So I was always been working under pressure. Because I'm the only Customer Service Representative there, I have to finish all those tasks in a day but of course, first-things-first in the morning, I have to call, inform and get confirmations to all our current shipments. So it's always been somewhat meeting deadlines everytime I do that. Because, honestly, it's hard to focus to the other task when you have in your mind "Oh it's almost late for this and for that! I have to reach a certain agent or client,shipping lines or airlines on the phone! Huh! But I love myself doing that way, it honed my ability to solve difficult problems.
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