My most satisfying acoomplishments!

@Riciel (24)
February 21, 2007 2:20am CST
When i was studying my secondary education, I was chosen as the English Club President in our campus. Being the leader, I did my finest way in making the Club more effective by conducting more activities promoting our lores in English subject like every month, we make a point that we spare time in teaching/sharing our knowledge to our schoolmates who need the loreat least 3 time a month. We also distribute our handwritten vocabulary phaplets to every school level. When they're done answering we have our box where they can drop their phaplets and we enjoy checking and correcting their answers, then we return the phamplets to their respective class section. And, it's fun and effective! We could conclude that our shoolmates enjoy this too because of their responses.For me I find greatsatisfaction in that activities, our Club and our schoolmates profit both. Another one, is when I am able to meet all the deadlines of our multi-tasking asignments and projects our teachers gave us as training. And, that I never fail the expectation of my father, because since then, I was always belong to the satr section, never to have a grade lining seven. Until I graduated highschool, I never have him staring at my calss card wearing a frown on his face. My grades were always on the line of eight. Those are my most satisfying accomplishments. hw'Bout yours?
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