what would you do if yopu won millions on the loto

@Sean32 (50)
February 21, 2007 3:45am CST
Hi all what would you do if you won lets say 10 million, would you stay living where you are or would you move to a different country and start again or would you just travel for the rest of your lift to see the whole world.
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24 Feb 07
Try to afford an Xmas Willy bad taste bear lol. Really though I think alot of it would go to my family, also I would love to live in New Zealand (saw lord of the rings and feel in love with the country. Also I would like to learn to drive so I can have an Aston Martin DB9 Yummy. A nice big house with a pool and Gym (need to get fit) would be great. But mainly I would have to remember were i came from and not forget the people I already know.
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@okedoke (67)
25 Feb 07
I played the euro lottery on friday........but didnt win...so If i won that sort of money they is a house about 20min from where i live that i realy like. So if i won i would ask to buy the house from them... if they said no i would as if i could buy the plans and have one like it built within its own grounds as it has a double garage and looks just the right size for my family. I would go out and get one of the Range Rover Sports as i think they look smart, and probably take my family all on holiday... and then just live off the rest....i dont ask for much i dont think !! (apart from also payin all my bills off)