February 21, 2007 4:22am CST
Why is it that these days people act without thinking?.. YOu would not fire a gun without thinking, would you? Then why not do things before think them over. We do things that feel good rather than the ones that are best for us. Replacing thoughtfull behaviours with thoughtless acts will only lead us to sufferings. We can never Go ahea din life without Thinking over things. I have many friends who hasten to a decision without giving them a proper thought and then regret doing whatever they do or did because it did not turn out the way they wanted. We have a brain and a heart do we not?.. We should use them reasonably and compassionately which we do not as I may add:)..We should be listening to our minds than our emotions.I am not trying to create an impression that emotions are our enemies. They can be and they also can be our good friends. We should try to understand life, and make something of them by using our brains... So I guess it is decision time now What are "YOU" going to do? SHoot without aiming, or think before you act. Will be waiting for your replies:)
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@nitsy_s (1031)
• India
21 Feb 07
This reminds of the million dollar question, 'Follow your heart or follow your brains'. I believe that this has a lot to do with education. People with basic education tend to think more than the one who is not educated. Like u said at times u need to follow ur emotions. Yes when it comes to things like family, friendship and love it is better to follow ur emotions than ur brain. Obviously one needs to think before making any important decision. So i would say a right balance between the two has to be maintained.
• Pakistan
22 Feb 07
I fully agree with you. In family matters emotions should be given importance. Thankyou for responding Rated :)
• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
and yes I agree that Education too plays an important part...