Am I right about this?

@paulsy (1264)
February 21, 2007 4:23am CST
When I was young, my father used to tell me that whatever and however you are to your mother, your children will be to you. As I look back to how my mom was to my grandmother and how I have been to her almost all my life, I do see some similarities. My dad used to complain about how mom was always at my grandmother's beck and call. She took good care of both my grandparents. And because she couldn't help being at their beck and call, I had to mature a little earlier than the rest of the girls my own age. I was the eldest in the family, so I had to be the little mommy, doing the usual chores my mom had to do for us while she was with my grandparents. When my fiancee once complained about how I would just drop everything whenever my mom called, it all dawned upon me that my father had been so right about this afterall. I suddenly realized that, yes, it is being a good daughter to love my mother as I do, but since I have my own children, it should be my first priority to meet my own family's needs, before anyone else's(unless, of course, if it was a matter of life and death). My eldest daughter is 14. At her age, I was already loaded with responsibilities at home that I missed out a lot in my teenage life. I would like her to be able to learn her responsibilities at home, but at the same time, still have the chance to enjoy teen age life with her friends.
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