What are some ways to save money?

@Mommamea (1215)
United States
February 21, 2007 5:54am CST
We are all out to make extra money but what are you doing to save money? Give some tips on money saving tactics you have. I use coupons for everything. I often hear people say they save their change in a bottle. I will use it instead of breaking a new bill. I don't keep extra cash in my pocket. I tend to buy more when I have it on hand. I don't use my debit card if they charge a fee. I make up meals with what is in the pantry til I have to go to the store necesseties. I keep most of my money in a savings to earn more interest. I am always looking for ideas from others.
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@mfpsassy (2827)
• United States
5 Mar 07
I only buy things when they are on sale and use coupons for them, I stock up when things are an sale too. I save my change for when money gets tight. I pay my car insurance in one lump payment so I can get the discount.
@cabergren (1181)
• United States
4 Mar 07
I also do all of those things with coupons and buying things on sale. Also buying in bulk saves lots of money. I do save my change and when I fill up the bottle I take the money and put it in my savings account. It does add up. I also try to save money on utilities. I have ceiling fans in every room and keep them running 24/7. It does make a difference. I have a programable thermostat and in the winter I keep the blinds open to have the sun keep the house warm. I also have a humidifier on my furnace so the air feels warmer and you can turn down your thermostat. In the summer when I run the air conditioner I keep all the blind shut and of course run the ceiling fans. It does cut down on your utility costs.
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 07
As I am quiting my long hours job to work my own passive income businesses, I have to seriously consider all expenses. One of the way I help is to prevent my temptation by leaving my credit card at home when I go out. I am now in the process of using a prepaid card instead. No money, no spending. Most of my meals are now home cooked rather than eating out. These are two of the many steps I am taking to achieve cost savings.