February 21, 2007 7:15am CST
Hey, i am about to approch my 1st yar into motocross. I was going to fly out to america and wanted to know where a good motocross track is and what you personally think of motocross. Louis
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@shuz697 (1046)
• United States
21 Feb 07
well unfortunately I live in Australia so telling you about some tracks is just wasting my time, but as for my thoughts on motocross I LOVE IT !!! its one of the most exciting things to watch and to take part in.. I raced a long time ago before I had children but we couldn't afford for my husband and I to both race once the boys were here. Now Im lucky if I get to go for a ride at all let alone race.. It is such a wonderful sport but costs so much money.. especially when you have to get a new bike every race season cause they are forever bringing something else out thats bigger and faster.. great sport and my favorite sport by miles ... Good Luck with your race season .. have a great day :)
21 Feb 07
thanks for the fast reply, is it quite big out im australia? also i have a 1997 cr85 i will be getting a cr125 in a couple of months, i only take part in small races at he moment gtting into it but as son asi get better i will go into bigger races. what bike do you ride shuz697? Louis
@braap105 (14)
27 Dec 07
i say that it depends on were your going to go... thiers alot of tracks all over the place.. just look on the web for them