What would you do with your kids if you found out you were dying?

@Mollyjo (268)
United States
February 21, 2007 7:16am CST
I have a friend that her husband has cancer and when they found out it was already in the last stage. The doctors have been treating him but, he is always sick with major lung infections which is contributing to his life being even shorter. When things like that hits real close to home, it made me think what would I do with my children if I knew I only had a few months to live. I know that I would take lots of pictures with them, tell them I loved them as much as I could, talk to them and let them know what was happening to a point where it would help ease some of their pain, take them to disney world or somewhere major like that for a very memorial adventure. I am sure there would be so much a person could squeeze in if a person really had to but, I know no matter what. They would always hurt and miss me. How do all of you feel? What are your thoughts and concerns?
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