Are you raising your children, the same as your parents raised you?

@shebee28 (230)
United States
February 21, 2007 7:33am CST
are you raising your children with your parents beliefs and disiplinary ways?
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• Philippines
21 Feb 07
There are values which I got from my parents and I would like to bring down to my kids. So I'm using the same formula as what my parents did to me before for some methods but there are also some which I am doing on my own. You see, times have change and there has been some generation gap as to what happened when we were kids as to how kids should be raised at this time. I do get to learn from books I read, from shows I watch regarding how to raise children.
@starbug (14)
• United States
21 Feb 07
no i didn't. my mother is italian and was very strict. needless to say i turned out ok. but with the peere pressure in society today, it will make kids rebel. i was somewhat strict. but i also had to let them do things and trust them.thank god my children turned out good. give them lots of love and support.but in my case i didn't follw in my moms footsteps as far as being overly strict.
@candygurl24 (1880)
• Canada
21 Feb 07
I was raised by my grandparents, and while they provided a very stable and loving home, they had and still have no clue about discipline. My nan has a "spanking paddle" that says, Many a child is spoiled, because Nanny Manson can't Now as for my ways, I do discipline my children. They have rules that they follow, or they have things taken away from them. They are ages 4 and almost 7, so they have chores suitable to their ages. For their chores they recieve an allowance, which is deducted from when they don't complete their chores. Mind you it's only keeping their room tidy and my oldest actually enjoys taking the garbage out, so she chose that as an extra chore. Please note that I only use the small garbage bags because of this and will only let her take it out if it's light..I don't want to sound like a slave driver or The chores alone separate the ways of my upbringing to my children's.
21 Feb 07
I am certainly following through with some of the ways my parents used to bring me up. However I don't smack my kids as much and I give them more freedom, but I do like them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. I think that way they learn more than by just being told what to do and having to obey without question.