What do girls like better?

February 21, 2007 9:00am CST
I was wondering.......what girls like better, long hair or short hair? It is a growing trend at my school for boys to grow their hair. About half now have long hair. I am not so sure. Tell me what you think, boys and girls.
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@pagli84 (1850)
• Netherlands
21 Feb 07
do you mean if we like long or short hair on a guy? i prefer short hair on a guy. most the guys ive seen with long hair just couldnt pull it off. it didnt fit with their face or appearance and actually just made them look sloppy. a lot of guys here have really greasy long hair that they think looks macho, but, in actuality, it just looks disgusting. if a guy wants long hair, he should make sure it actually makes him look good. johnny depp, for example, can pull off long hair.
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@Karbon (18)
30 Mar 07
It really doesnt matter. If a girl judges you on your looks/hair, she is not worth having.
21 Feb 07
I really like longer hair on guys. I don't mean exceptionally long, to the shoulders is about as long as I'd like. It looks great on guys that are a bit rock, or a bit goth, and I personally find it really attractive. Be warned, it doesn't work on everyone!
@limosonia1 (1559)
• United States
21 Feb 07
A well groomed man. I really don't have a preferance as long as they are well groomed. It all depends on the guy. Some guys are hot with their heads shaved and some look really dumb. If you carry yourself well and you are clean and well taken care of. I don't think it really matters. All my friends in school use to have long hair. It's just a trend that is turning again.