twins twins and multiple births

February 21, 2007 9:01am CST
who among you guys has multiple birth kids? who dreams of having one? I wanna have twins of my own.. i think having two little toddlers of the same size and clothes and shoes and smiles running around the house, screaming like ther's no tomorrow.. is very nice. I really want to have twin girls but we don't have twins in our family (how sad)..
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27 Feb 07
I have identical twin brothers 16 months younger than me. I also have identical twin boys that are 8. Supposedly identicals are a fluke of nature but I think a predisposition will eventually be found. Twins are a BLAST! I knew the minute I was pregnant I was having identical twin boys. I told the tech to check for a second head, she said it was there, and my husband nearly fell off his chair. He really wanted a boy/girl pair and was very sad when we found out they were both boys. He is not so sad any more! Having twins first is the easiest way because you know no different. I always thought a set of twin girls to go with our twin boys would be fun! LOL My husband thought it would be a nightmare! Mine were born at 29 weeks so we had special issues from the get go. But I wouldn't trade it for the world! I really think twins are so much easier because the child always has a build-in best friend to play with. Our friends who had singletons always felt compelled to entertain their child. Ours always had someone to play with and now the new thing is to conspire with. It is pretty amusing!
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24 Feb 07
I have 2 1/2 yr old b/g twins. It is simply amazing each day to watch them grow and learn. The love/hate relationship they have with each other is beyond words. What i mean by that is they fight all the time, but are the first to stick up for the other also. In the morning they wander around lonely until the other wakes up. It is adorable! I honestly think people who dream of having them are a bit sadistic in wishing that upon themselves :) LOL. The first few months are hard...and people tell you it will get easier, but it doesnt. There are new challenges and obsticales around every single corner. I couldnt wait for mine to start walking and there are days I wish they could do neither! I also have a 15 month old so my house is an insane place to be most days! As far as I know twins did not run in either mine nor my husbands family. But they do now!
@lionsong (44)
• Australia
21 Feb 07
I've been obsessed with twins for as long as I can remember. My mom had a miscarriage when she was pregnant with me, which probably would have been my twin. Now I would love twins of my own and I truly believe my next pregnancy will be twins. Just one of those feelings. It also helps that I have had three different psychics (at different times and different places, so they didn't know each other or me) tell me that I would have 3 children, but only 2 pregnancies. I was also told I'd have either 2 girls and a boy or two boys and a girl. I already have one girl, so I'm hoping I'll have one of each with the twins (because my daughter had such beautiful clothes that I want to be able to use again... and I really want a boy).
@honeyangel (1992)
21 Feb 07
my older sister and brother are a twin and they are the only ones,both have children and grandchildren and none of the kids are twins.