What's Your Two Cents Worth?

@orcanut (146)
February 21, 2007 9:23am CST
I thought that was pretty funny considering we get about two cents for each post! What I am asking your opinion on is the recent decision/debate about posting the names of dead-beat dads on the internet. They hope to embarrass dead-beat dads into paying up. I'm not sure posting their names on the net will do it. Perhaps too many people, men and women, think that child support and access/visitation go together. They do not. I think that a lot of men do not pay child support because they are restricted access to their kids. Although equally important, whether or not you get to see your kids has no bearing on your responsibility to pay a percentage of your income for their support. This is directed around dead-beat dads but I know that there are women out there who should and don not pay support for their kids. This discussion is about the men who don't pay, because unfortunately, they are the majority. However, women need to understand that they cannot withhold access just because the dad does not pay support. And the dad needs to understand that he cannot withhold support just because the mom is withholding access. Do you think that posting a dead-beat's name on the net will compel more men to pay up?
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@mzbubblie (3840)
• United States
21 Feb 07
Well actually, thinking about posting "deadbeat dads" on the net in hopes to embarrass them "NOT COOL". Reason I say that, first off, I'm a single mother and I recieve child support, If I hadn't I would be trying to post the name of my son father up here....For whatever reason they don't pay or not getting any visitation rights, why put your business out there for the world to see. I mean some things are cool, but why even take time to write about it on here, when, my thought you would be contacting the child support agency...Say someone do know a person that is listed, what they going to do run up to the man and say "hey, I know you owe child support, I think you should pay it or I saw your name online HA HA HA" Most people now a days don't want other people in their business...And furthermore it makes the situation probably worst then what it is already...I personally think it's a bad call but hey to each his or her own...
@jal1948 (1360)
• India
26 Feb 07
if a dad does not realize his responsibility towards his kids and is just paying out of compulsion because of court orders,then no matter how much you publicize his name it will just have an effect of antagonizing him further,for the embarrassment caused to him