@rsaccn (22)
February 21, 2007 11:02am CST
ever lured? and what did you get? i lured today and i got like 10m only and some dragon items like 3 d chains you lure? i use a team with ancient magers we are 8 so 8 barrages on 1 person = hot and hits good to lure you will need 4+ Ancient Magers with 70+ magic and ice burst that will own most any1 knows good spots to lure? i need some new the one i use now all knows and doesnt fall for :S i dont like that and i wanna make some money luring :S so if you lure post here and where you lure and what methord you use ;)
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• Japan
23 Feb 07
whats luring? is it like luring people into a pk party?