What if you could refresh, delete, or even edit your discussions?

@saintz87 (439)
February 21, 2007 11:19am CST
I was wondering what would happen to my old discussions I have posted ages ago (perhaps 3-4 weeks) that happen to have zero responses. Would they be deleted at my 500th posts/discussions? I would be happy if that were to happen. Then perhaps I could revive my discussions I felt that was good, but was left dead with zero responses. Well, look in another pespective, what if we would renew, delete, or even edit our discussions? Wouldn't that be excellent. Well I think that editing would be a last resort as it sometimes removes evidences of the consequences we posted. But, could we renew our discussions that has zero responses? Instead of leaving it dead like 3 weeks or more, I wonder if MyLot moderators could help us by granting us additional functions to deal with dead discussions, that could perhaps be revolutionary to our discussions, and new pespective of thinking, isn't that ture?
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• Philippines
21 Feb 07
those are the restrictions of mylot... even I have that idea to do so because of 0 responses, incorrect spelling and onvious wrong grammar.. But this is what mylot's best feature.. NOT to edit and delete our discussions to be able to carefully think and preview our responses and postings.. To be more desciptive and stlyistic in catching the people's eye to gain more response.. If that would be possible, I will probably delete my 2 discussion with zero responses.. But I don't lose hope these were just 6 days ago and hopefully someone would try to find it cool. Actually those were belonging to the top five discussion as of now i have made.. But maybe it so happen that no one could ever relate to it...
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@saintz87 (439)
• Singapore
21 Feb 07
I guess we could really take a look at our past posts to see if we had any mistakes in posting that discussion. Well, at least that is done on our part. However, with the amazing amount of discussions we see posts every minute, how I wished I could renew them like every few weeks, or so. That would ensure that they would not be neglected, and then a similar posts that comes up later than us gets well responded. I would be dreaded to see that.