Which is better Linux or Windows?

February 21, 2007 11:46am CST
I think this discussion is silly. My first computer I ever used was Mac. After Mac I had to work on Windows and I was shocked how bad it worked. After several years of working with Windows I tried Linux. You see, after Mac my soul longed for something more reliable and stable than Windows and I decided to use Linux. It took time to learn, to try, to install and finally I mastered it! I was happy and so I am. It is silly to discuss what is better. If your Wndows meets your needs you may try Linux, but I don't see any reasons to convince you to do that. Only if you are sick and tired of your Windows you may try it. I would recommend to start with KNoppix to see what Linux looks like without installing it on your computer. If you want to install it, I would recommend Mandriva, XandrOS or OpenSuSE. Good luck! And never argue on this matter :)
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