Working hours

@spr1967 (208)
February 21, 2007 12:35pm CST
How many hours do you work a day? I am currently doing some stupid times and long hours which add up to close on 15 hours! How stupid i that, but i guess one consulation is am at home behind a PC and on the phone for most of it.The worst is i aint getting paid anything extra outside my normal 7.5 hr days. Company is giving me TOIL (Time off in lieu) I hate work
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19 Apr 07
Quite a few. What exactly I'm not greatly sure but I work part time as a waiter and work for a hosting company so my working time is slightly unpredictable. I'd guess at 6 hours (real work) - working online takes the most of the day up, with a few breaks between. Kudos, ~Joey
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21 Feb 07
I do the usual 9 - 5 shift. On Fridays I work from 9 - 9 and sometimes I cover for other people until 9pm.