@hiveenu (521)
February 21, 2007 12:58pm CST
Hi, it is very irritating to see people responding with just one line and one word replies for a discussion you diligently post. I feel it clearly shows that they simply don't care to give a decent reply to you. I mean it's ok if you ask a true or false or yes or no type question. Even for that one is supposed to explain his/her choice in the reply. On seeing such replies, you feel that you are being used to increase their tally. How do you feel about such responses and what do you think can be done to minimise them?
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@072006 (1279)
• India
21 Feb 07
hey friend, i also gets sometimes such a one liner resposes, well but i just ignore them, infact even i dont mark them negative rating , morever i says thanks to them for posting replies, by marking negative rating i just dont wanna be rude so i avoid that, infact there is no need to do anything as, they are not getting nay money or reputation with such one liner responses, isnt taht big loss itself there? be cool, and best luck happy earning!!!
• Ireland
21 Feb 07
I too find it irritating and I also feel they are just trying to increase their points. I think they are just wasting their time, as I don't suppose myLot pays them for their answer. I don't respond to people who post a True or False topic unless they have already elaborated in the question and I don't respond to people who ask for a one word response as I know this is not allowed on myLot. I suppose we could give them a negative rating and if they got enough of them, then they would most likely receive a warning from myLot. I don't really like giving anybody a negative rating but if they make a habit of posting nonsensical topics then I suppose a negative would be deserved.
• Canada
21 Feb 07
I don't care for one liners either , even if the question is a yes or no answer you can explain why the answer is a yes or no to you . I as well find this irritating and didn't think we were allowed to do this but see it all the time on here . I always try to answer as indept as I can and at least answer something I feel might be useful either by something I know or something someone has told me .