who is better

February 21, 2007 4:15pm CST
who is better sonic the hedgehog or mario the kl plumer
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4 May 10
Sonic is the best by far! How can you go wrong with a blue hedgehog in red Nike trainers that can roll super fast! Plus he can collect all those rings. Imagine, housework with Sonic. Simples roll into a ball, hold him and let him spin, then send him round. Hoovering, done! Mario's just fat. He didn't even wanna see Princess Peach that day she called him to the castle ( Mario 64), he just wanted her cake! I know she makes a mean chocolate sponge, but that's not the point. She worked hard to bake a treat for the man she loves, and ended up being kidnapped by a giant turtle. He turned up, nommed the cake, then took his time collecting stars before saving her. Imagine the things Bowser could have done to her in that time! Still Mario was amazed in the little-known game Mario and Peach : 9 Months later, when she popped out a litter of tiny turtles with blonde curls. Sonic was always on the ball, think someone should pass his number on the Peach, he knows to save the girl first, nom cake second. Saving the girl leads to a lifetime of cake, not just one stale sponge.
@tuposkid (286)
• United States
9 Jul 07
Hard question. I'm going neutral hehe.
@game_1711 (114)
• India
6 Apr 07
mario is my best ever game. i still play it