February 21, 2007 7:11pm CST
well, i have just graduated from my university and right now i am working in a school, and i have my girlfriend with every day, and we are planning to get married in a year or two,but we have no idea in which we should plan our wedding so that it can be unique and both of us would never forget such a romance we have in our life, would anyone please help out with my marriage affairs. thank you. and this is qute urgent.
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• Philippines
22 Feb 07
This is one knowledge I've got which I'd like to share with you and I hope you'll take it as it is. Marriage is a very sacred vow between two people who have committed the rest of their lives to one another. It is best that the ceremonies that go with it is carried out at a place which is most secure. The environment of security at the time, symbolizes the security that the marriage shall have through the years. It appears to me that a lot of marriages now end up broken because, they plan of making it out of this world to make a mark of uniqueness. The garden wedding is one wedding which is open to the harshness and goodness of nature. It is being done in an environment which is so dependent on the kindness nature may bring. Aside from having to cope with the harshness and goodness of nature, the beach wedding is one which is exposed to the waves of the turbulent seas, wedded bliss can never last that long as hoped for and projected. It will be better to opt for the conventional wedding which is sheltered from all sorts of unnecessary disturbances, the four walls which evelope the community in attendance during the ceremonies embodies the security of wedded bliss the couple may be having.
• China
22 Feb 07
quite a lot of people nowadays ended up their marriage with a divorce, and it is because sth unpleasant happened in their marriage, and they have to think clearly at the moment when they get married, yet we not always so insightful to know what the future of marriage lies before we have our marriage, which is quite troublesome, i suppose, but anyway, we have to take marriage as a very important task when it is being done..right?
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• India
23 Feb 07
Dear no one else can help u, this is a matter in which u only have to think and find the way.
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