Which do you think is the right choice?

February 21, 2007 7:13pm CST
I would like to open up this topic about abortion, though i'm not into abortion but i think some people are thinking what ive been thinking sometimes. which do you think is the right choice? being moral or being practical? being moral in a sense you follow or have faith that this is a gift given to you by god and that it is not to be taken for granted and you should be thankful whether it would be a burden or something that blossoms with time most people are really into this idea of being moral cause for the fact they know everyone deserves to live in this world and none should be deprived of that one shot of life. now here comes the counterpart being practical in a sense that "if this child lives what would a feed him would he be happy living in this world or curse me for having him suffer and wished they didn't lived the life they have. i don't know what do you think you get the idea and i think you already know these stuff i just wanna know. what do you think?
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