Have you heard about the wits, Tenali Ramakrishna and Birbal - can u contribute?

October 14, 2006 8:32am CST
Tenali Ramakrishna was a famous wit in Sri Krishna Devaraya's Kingdom. Once he was banned from entering the palace for cracking a joke on his majesty. But Ramakrishna left promising his majesty that his owns soldiers would let Ramakrishna in again. The Raja dismissed his retort with disdain. One day, Ramakrishna went up to a palace guard and whispered in his ear that the king was going to give him(ramakrishna) a gift. Could he allow him inside? The guard said he would allow him on condition that he shared half of what his majesty gave Ramakrishna as a gift. Ramakrishna agreed and reached the inner chamber. There a second entry prevented him. Ramakrishna repeated what he had promised to the first sentry. satisfied, the second sentry too allowed him to enter the royal hall where the king sat in durbar. The king was shocked at how Ramakrishna could enter when he had given orders not to allow him in! He immediately ordered 100 lashes to be given to Ramakrishna. Immediately Ramakrishna said,"Not so fast your honour! your two sentries should be lashed, not I!" and he narrated how the two greedy sentries had behaved. The Raja burst out into laughter and ordered the sentries to be given half the reward - 50 lashes each! He praised Ramakrishna for his wit and sent him away with a pardon and a bag of gold.
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