Please post your poem here :)

@Zamboni (160)
February 21, 2007 10:01pm CST
I love to write poetry and also like to read them.Do you enjoy it also.I would like to start a thread where people can leave their own work of thought.Please feel free to reply with one of your own.I would really like to read them-thanks..
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• Canada
4 Dec 08
My Plant I keep a plant on my windowsill I make sure it gets plenty of water and sun sometimes when no one's around I talk to it and my plant begins to sing oh, it sings and sings! it tells me I'm a kind and generous person it tells me no one appreciates my greatness I could do wonderful things if only they'd let me I'm a voice crying in the wilderness a jewel in the mud a flower in the weeds yes, I'm a genius and I work so hard such a pity to hide my light under a bushel if only others would understand I love my plant I stroke its leaves I whisper sweet nothings to it and tell it it's the dearest thing to me in the entire world just you and me together forever sometimes I swear it smiles yes you do don't you? my plant and I have plans great plans you'll be hearing from us soon..... (Greg Cameron, poem, Dec. 3, 2009)
• Indonesia
7 Jun 07
We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape -stoneland26
@loisse21 (216)
• Philippines
24 Feb 07
i knew a man i knew a man very clannish,very grumpy but when birds sigh he sighs back ah! just let his eyes move and mine would be still those shoulders broad, could carry not only thin i knew a man with a hirsute face perhaps if it slides down i'll be ticklish i think he looks a hireling-the most radiant one! a vagabond wandering endlessly- a czar in my heart i knew a man and he captivated me put in a cage and threw away the key my spirit's too weak i feel as i stare at the soundless dark as i move to push the wall i knew a man...i wish he would break- break break break- break out of the cold stone he is in i heard love is sweet only if heard i love to hear him speak but his lips's preserved for the next thousand year i knew a man showed that love is pain! i knew a man showed that pain is love!
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
LOVE Faith, hope, and love will remain And love is the greatest of all But love not the world until end For if you do you'll surely fall. Love is patient, love is generous Love covers a multitude of sins Love is not puffed up nor is it envious Love hopes all things and love never ends. "If I have all the faith so as to move mountains But I don't have love I am nothing." Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians thirteen To teach love to all human beings. God is love and we ought to love one another As we can't love God if we don't love our brother.