Seattle Sutton Diet

United States
February 21, 2007 10:14pm CST
My mom was asking me about this diet yesterday. She is considering going on it, but wanted me to do some research first. From what I can tell you choose your calorie level and then twice a week go and pay for your pre-packaged meals that are prepared for you that you simply heat in the microwave. The only thing you have to add is low fat milk. This isnt practical for me, as it is around $120 a week and I would still have to buy groceries and cook for my husband. I am just wondering if anyone has tried it? And if so, what are your opinions?
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• Philippines
22 Feb 07
If the diet is one which will prove to be too much for the budget, shelve it. Explain to your mom the reason why you are shelving it. She will surely understand. Besides, for a diet to be truly effective, it requires a high degree of self discipline. I was told before that I must take only two full meals a day. One in the morning and another one at noon. The rest shall be fruits and low fat milk if pangs of hunger come. It proved to be effective. But I cannot cling to it forever. At most times I break this rule. What happens? I am on the road getting back that old weight.
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• United States
22 Feb 07
She wanted me to research the diet for her. I was simply adding that it wouldnt be practical for me because of the expense and extra work. I am looking for information from people who have tried it or heard of it to pass on to my mother.