Do you like a bird in a cage??

February 21, 2007 10:57pm CST
Recently, i met my old friend and he has a parrot in his home. Well, this parrot does speak fluenly, the credit goes to my friend who trained him very well by offering chillies...But, i didn't feel good about that. I don't like a bird in a cage. They are not just birds, but they are like us living creatures. Nowadays, when we talk a lot about personal freedom, then is it right to put a bird behind cage? just for our own amusement.
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• India
25 Feb 07
well i think its really bad to keep bird in a cage.... we wont feel happy if we are locked in a room.... just like that even birds wont feel happy when they are put in cage... no matter how big the cage is.....
@joesgamez (225)
• United States
24 Feb 07
maybe to keep the Bird from craping the whole day inside the home.. but atleast give it some R and R.. or have a very large Room for the Bird? or maybe have another bird for company? damn i would like to have a bird now.. i never had one.
@00fear (3203)
• United States
22 Feb 07
i do like birds in cages. when i was younger we used to own a bird living in a cage. but now that you mention that how may they feel being locked there the whole day and nothing to do. but i hear some are used to it. they just stay inside the cage even if you open the cage and not stopping them to fly out. some birds do get out of their cage and come back in after a while.