My boss is retiring!!!... Why?

February 21, 2007 11:31pm CST
I am working as a finance analyst in a global IT firm. Been working here for more than three years now as the finance support with my supervisor, for one of the biggest projects in the company. I can say I am very lucky to be a part in this company. Pay and benefits are good, company culture is very much linient to the workers, opportunity for learning and training is wide. Time is flexible. Working relationships with teammates is very much ok. And rewards system is also good. These are some of the many good reasons why me and my supervisor and even majority of our team stays with the company for quite a long time now. The many reasons why people wants to get hired in the company. But just the other day, I was called by a lady from the HR of another company. I was made a reference in the application of my supervisor for an analyst position in that company. And just yesterday, she (my supervisor) told me she'll be leaving the company in a months time. I was taken aback by her decision.Very least did I expect that she has been planning to resign here. According to her, pay in that company is just at par with what she's currently receiving now. What could have made her do such decision? Could there be other factors other than what I have mentioned above that can make an employee decide to transfer to another company? I am a home-grown in this company. Never been employed with another company since the time I graduated from college. Though I've been hearing my friends tell me about the place they work with, I cannot really say personally how is it like with other comapnies.
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@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
23 Feb 07
Your boss probably just want to venture into something new. Like you said the pay is the same for here but maybe the experience and the opportunity is something better. There are alot of us who are looking for the contentment and fulfillment by looking for something that will challenge us and reward us as well. She got the reward already with the good pay and benefits but she might be looking for a new challenge this time.
• India
22 Feb 07
Hi Florizel25, There are various reasons for leaving a good company, may be the person is no more interested to be in the same field as one would get bored working in the same domain for a long time. there could be reasons that the compensations offered by other companies are much more than yours company, or may be the reason is very personal like she is going to be married and would be shifting to someother place.another reason would be that the person would be offered a better position and also authority There are loads of reasons. ... Have a nice day
@naty1941 (2336)
• United States
22 Feb 07
People leave companies for a variety of reasons, depending on their personal goals, families, distance from work, benefits, duties etc.. Why don't you ask her why she is leaving the company? Then you can get a better understanding of the world of work.