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education - education in international or the mother language
February 21, 2007 11:33pm CST
I wish to know about ur openian about the topic as i am confused whether we should admit our child to english medium school or in our mother language,this is good if the child is getting the education in the international language which is ond demand and necessary todya,but have you ever thought that if a child is studying from english medium he dosent understand what is he studying till the standard VI-VII what u think about please tell me
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@Jemina (5783)
22 Feb 07
International schools have ESL/EFL or ESOL departments where students who don't speak English can study the language for a year. The tricky part is "where to send these kids that guarantees quality English learning?" But I believe there's plenty of them. Another thing is we cannot deny the fact that English is becoming a tool for international communication. Another thing is English language dominate the field of science and technology. Although some people say that German is the number one in technology but still the information are translated widely English because more people speak and/or understand English. So if your child has a chance to go to an international school, I suggest that you go for it. Children who speak other languages may have difficulty at the start but they will eventually learn the language. I've had southeast Asian students who after barely a year in ESL class they get to the mainstream.