adoption of a child

February 22, 2007 12:14am CST
adoption of child? population, unemployment,iletracy, child labour,poorness ,hunger,crime.etc. these are few main point that lags a country and the thing is that we cant do seperately for each and the question arise can there is a simple and single solution for all these types of problems .evry govt.of every country have a big problem to tackle these problems .so i think each problem seperately and made a conclusion that we can fight for these by just simply adopt a child .every human being though that a child should be his own blood. if we just wake out form the circumfrance of (my blood) policy. believe it or not we can change the world .in every country there a lot of strength of those child whose have no adopt a child treat him or her like her own child .give him good education, food , and a reason to live . i might not be hundred % right but there is truth in my thoughts . so if any one is agree or the persons disagre to me discuss with me
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