sport i had chear for it

February 22, 2007 12:49am CST
i am a true sports man again my team . i come from india some time ago a match with india v/s pakistan. In our world the most dangousr match are doing with india v/s pakistan. whole world seen this match with a very intersted. so i am in groun in dhaka. i chear for my team india. n all indian playes the match was stated . india played first and pakistan has to ches the target. finally the indian team scored 303 in 50 overs. i was very happy that time because this is very good scores to chess up for pakistan team. finaly the team india is success in his aim his is won the match between 50 run. tha series also i was more become happy that time because the team india is won in dhaka is the most muslim country in our whole wrld. so that time i am so happy . the team india is won the match against the team pakistan.
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