The Worst Tyranny over Mankind~?

@Jusred (1579)
United States
February 22, 2007 1:16am CST
History has shown us many examples of man exhibiting control and cruelty towards fellowman, and of man enduring the endurable, down through the ages..From the slavery of Israel in Egypt, to the concentration camps during Hitler's reign in WW2, to the slavery of colored people in America's past..Even today, this dominance and cruely goes on behind closed doors with physical and emotional abuse within the family unit..Pedofiles stalk the streets like Lion hunting prey... In your opinion, what is the worst case of man, in history or in the present, exhibiting (or exhibited) this awful tyranny over other mankind? Do you believe we, as a species, will ever see the day when real peace and security -in this regard- will ever come to be? Or will it always be a fact of human nature, and continue on behind 'closed doors' -on a grand scale or not?
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28 Mar 07
This subject needs more than a simple discussion on myLot. It needs a life time and big large book with wide pages. To answer your question, NO! We will NEVER see peace. at least not in OUR life time. We will witness more wars, killings and massacres. I'm ashamed to say. The worst tyranny I've seen, is the genocide of Rwanda back in 1994. Thousands of men, women and children, CHILDREN were MURDERED, SLAUGHTERED, MUTILATED and thrown on the streets like GARBAGE, for what??? For being from a different race? NO! Just because they were from a different tribe! How stupid and SILLY a reason and excuse to end a human being's life? Now the U.S is taking over the world, slaughtering people in the thousands now for oil. DUMB people blowing themselves up because you embrace a different religion. Tell me honestly? Do you still expect to witness justice and peace in this cruel small corrupt world?
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@Jusred (1579)
• United States
6 Apr 07
I agree with you..I also do not believe we will ever see true peace and security in this world..Even when things seem well at the surface, there will always be dishonesty, cruelty, abuse, etc, etc going on in this world~