mit pajero transmission problems

July 8, 2006 4:11am CST
i am allan sacris of the Philippines. i bought a 2nd hand 2000 mitsubishi pajero last 2003. it's powered by the 3.2L diesel engine 4M41, with a tiptronic 5 speed auto transmission. last June 4, i drove into a flooded road which was about waist high and that road had three seperate flooded areas. on the third area, the car stopped. water went into the cabin just above my ankles. some people pushed the car towards higher grounds where i was able to start the car again after several attempts. the next day i had the engine oil and filter changed as and removed all the carpet to be washed. after that, the car was fine. about three weeks after that flooding incident. i began having problems with the transmission. after about 15-20 mins of driving, the transmission would lock either on the: A.1st AND 2nd or on the B. 2nd AND 3rd. this would go on until i turn off the engine and start it again. the transmission would be fine again but would lock up after just a few minutes. i had it checked up and 4 auto transmission sensor and speed sensor where replaced but the problem did not go away. but this time the transmission would lock up and become fine again without turning off the engine. the electronic diagnostics could not fine anymore trouble codes. i am hoping your office can offer some help regarding my problem. thank you very much.
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